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« on: March 03, 2022, 09:06:32 AM »
Welcome to Black Hat Sec, make sure you read the rules and follow them. We wish you a good trip on our forum and stay with us!

Forum Rules short terms

1. Members are not allowed to harass or threaten other members.
2. No short, low-quality posts like "bump", "lol", "roflmao", "thanks" and any repeated characters to defeat the minimum character count (25).
3. Don't attempt to infect members with trojans, viruses, or backdoors.
4. No direct links to infected downloads in posts or profiles.
5. No posting of personal information that isn't yours. Privacy is to be respected here. This includes any passwords, logins or dumps.
6. No adult images or links to adult websites.
7. One active BHS account is allowed meaning multiple accounts will not be allowed unless you are either reporting your original account as hacked or your original account was closed for inactivity. Ban evading will result in the permanent closing of your old account and new accounts. No exceptions.
8. Advertising of competing sites is not allowed. This refers to any website with a hacker forum that's similar to BHS or has a relatively similar forum structure. Advertising includes signatures, PMs, profiles, and posts.
9. No posting of fake programs.
10. No threads or posts for donation begging. This includes loan requests or asking for investors.
11. No gangs,if some how we find out that a group of users is acting like a gang we will mass ban all of them, is forbidden.
12. Read the violations for profile policies and rules in that help doc.
13. Any rules posted in the forum's header should also be reviewed. Some forums have special policies that must be adhered to. Don't post in any forum without reading them first.
14. Any marketplace-type threads must be in the Marketplace category under the Market tab with the exception of Marketplace Discussions forum and its subforums (not intended for marketplace style threads). A seven-day posting ban and a warning is the penalty for posting marketplace threads outside of the Market tab.
15. No advertising or posting of Discord channels. You may share your Discord username only. If you display your Discord username on your profile or in a post you are required to authorize and verify it in our channel which will then display it on your Trust Scan (instructions).
16. Posting, private messaging, convo, requesting, profile edits, or any on-site sharing of an unverified Discord is disallowed.
17. All Marketplace rules and policies must be followed.

Posting on Forum

1. Post in the correct category.
2. Use good grammar. Basically, start sentences with a capital and end it with punctuation.
3. Don't double post. That's when you post one after another instead of editing your existing first post.
4. Don't cross post. That's when you repeat a post in multiple threads or categories. Also, it applies if you post a thread with the same or similar content multiple times across forums or in a single forum.
5. Don't post leaked content. Leaking is when information is taken from one place and posted somewhere else without giving any credit.
6. Create relevant subjects for threads. Shit like "OMG" for a subject is immature and asinine.
7. When posting content from another site, credit the site; use quotes and link to the original content (unless it is a competing forum, in which case you shouldn’t be posting the content).
8. Be kind to others. How hard is it not to be an asshole?
9. Act like you're older than 16 even if you aren't.

Marketplace Rules short terms

1. Any comments/posts on a Sales thread that are opening discussions that have nothing to do with product is not allowed .
2. Only Vendor group members may also advertise their own seller websites and links in Marketplace sales threads.
3. Vouch copies (free for review) are only to anyone the Vendor chooses to give.
4. Cross-posting is the creation of the same thread in more than one place. Only one thread regarding the same topic may be posted.
 Also linking outside marketplace to your marketplace threads is regarded as marketplace cross posting.
5. Vouch begging - asking OP (original poster) to supply a vouch copy if it isn't stated in the original post.
6. Low quality bumping - Bumping of your threads with poor posts. More on that below.
7. Sales trashing - discouraging a sale or pointing to the thread of a competitor's product/service will be a reason to get yourself banned.
 Customers (that have an Active/Completed/Disputed deal with the vendor) should open a private chat or pm Vendors to find a solution.
 We do not allow users to post on Vendors' threads anything but a review or a new feature or even a fix for an error. Posts like: Product is reskinned/fake without having proofs,
 are reasons to get your ass banned. When a user has proof of a reskinned product or a fake product they should contact moderators
to investigate it.
8. We no longer allow making threads about impersonators scamming on off-site services like Discord in Marketplace Discussion forum.
9. When we discover that a product currently sold on the marketplace has been posted as cracked on any other section on this forum
 that will be a reason for the ban of this user.
10. We will protect our customers but we will also protect our Vendors, Vendors will lose anything they have on this forum if we find
 out that they scam our customers with proof.

How to sell my product on Black Hat Sec

We have sales thread examples in each section, you can post your product Description/Scan result/Thread Design and link to your sellix account or another similar service or buy a Vendor/Legend membership and sale your product directly from our shop! Pointing to another forum is not allowed and will be a reason to get yourself banned. Black Hat Sec doesn't sell your tool, you do and you need to be very careful to not harm users,you and only you are responsible for what you sell and any bad consequences.
Any reports for fake/reskinned products will be investigated by admin and mod, reports need to have all proof else the user that made this report will get banned just like that, if the reporter is a competitor and we see that he does that just to have more sales then he will get banned. Trashing a sales thread as it happens on HF, here will be a reason for getting banned!

How to get Sticky

To get sticky your thread you just have to make your thread, post it, and contact the moderator or admin! Admin and moderators will then check if your thread is eligible for sticky and they will sticky it for the period you have paid!!

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