BitRat (leak post example) make always sure HQ leaks

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« on: May 03, 2022, 06:42:20 AM »
Feature list Two modes of connections: Direct reverse connection mode via secure sockets (up to TLS 1.3) Tor connection:

Create a client that connects either straight to your own DNS/IP or:
Via a Tor hidden service (RAT can generate your private v3 .onion address in a few seconds with a single click for enhanced privacy from the settings)
By using the Tor hidden service method, you do not need to forward any ports.
Native client coded in C/C++. Fully Unicode compatible. Downloader - Generate a downloader for any exe of your choice with options of execution from memory (RunPE) or disk. UAC Exploit for elevated privileges (Admin rights without UAC notice on Windows 10). Protect process. Impossible to kill process. Kill Windows Defender. Multi-mode, capable of handling both Tor and direct connected clients. On-Join/Connect tasks/Auto-commands Group view Desktop preview option in connection list/table. Thumbnail previews for either screen or webcam that you can move and place anywhere on your screen. Process manager Remote shell Connection manager Services manager Software manager Window manager Registry manager Firewall (IP blacklist from settings)

Connection capacities:

Capable of managing well over 10 000 clients with a lag-free and relatively low CPU usage thanks to FastObjectListview.
1000 clients on a Intel Core i7-6650U and 8 GB RAM result in an average of 1.5% CPU usage of the RAT.

Bind up to 5 files.
Select to execute from memory or disk.
Run-once option
Change icon of any executable file with ease.
Remote browser:

Currently supported browsers: Chrome and All Windows versions starting from 8 and up.
Supports Webgl.
High FPS cap with to 60 FPS.
Uses existing profile by default if Chrome is unused or creates a new one if in use.
Password recovery:

Powerful recovery with support of over 30 browsers and over 500 applications in total, email clients, IMs, etc.. No other RAT can recover more passwords, guaranteed! See full list of supported software (Click to View) XMR Miner:
Utilizing XMRig
CPU: Hashing speed of up to 2000 H/s on a modern strong i7 processor.
GPU: Utilizes XMRig-CUDA whenever possible for even higher hash speed rate.
Advanced options include; select threads, algorithm, donation value, process priority and more.
64-bit option for faster mining [Recommended].
Live statistics in a managed table of all mining clients with total hash rate.
Individual log view.
Reverse proxy:

SOCKS4 mode
Very fast, stable and supports multi-tabbing without any problems (Open ports are required).
Full statistics include speed and traffic information.
Easy swap between clients.
Remote Desktop:

Advanced and native remote desktop
Capable of easily reaching speeds over 40 FPS.
Full keyboard and mouse control with possibility of live mouse movement.
Dual screen mode; View and control 2 monitors at the same time.
Color or gray-scale mode for even faster speeds.
Webcam live feed:

Supports any webcam thanks to OpenCV libraries.
Capable of easily reaching speeds of up to 40 FPS.
File manager:

Multi file and recursive directory download/upload.
Secure delete options.
Thumbnail/Gallery mode for smooth view of folders containing images.
ZIP Compression of file and directories.
Advanced search.
Common Windows file operations supported.

ADS stored and encrypted logs for enhanced stealth.
Online/Live keylogger.
Clipboard monitor.
Offline keylogger with date management.
Audio live feed:

Listen live through a microphone.
Options include sample rate and duration.
Save samples individually or select multiple samples to create a MP3 output.
SOCKS5 Proxy:

Utilize SOCKS5 on your clients by attempting to automatically forward ports via UPnP.

Scan Result:

Updated links


I am not a fan of Cracked tools, my way was always to buy tools/rats or any tool from the original dev and receive updates with new features. So if you ask me I am not a fan of any cracked software! Buy always a tool from the developer, to get all new features and stay updated! The cracked tools will get outdated and payloads will stop working after a while!
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    « Reply #1 on: May 06, 2022, 08:45:00 AM »
    Nice!! Thank you!!
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